Wacky Websites Part 1

There are a lot of faulty websites that claim to be real but now it is time to discern if they are real, or not.

The First website is The SandMan.com who claims to have found an alternate energy source through the phone company. What most people don’t realize is that the phone jack dose indeed has electric output that is sent from the phone company. This was done so if the power when out and it was an emergency, if your phone had the cord attached you were able to call someone, but the energy that is sent is very little and powers just the phone. Yet this website company claims to have harness the power to make it enough to power anything in your house. Problem to find out if this research was real I couldn’t find any proof to back up their statement leaving me the feel that this web site is a fake and just a way to scam you out of your money.

The Second website is a FEMA blog that is dedicated to preparation for the zombie apocalypse. There are links to other disasters such as earthquakes and fires, but we will be focusing on the page that deals with the zombie apocalypse. There is a comment section towards the bottom to the page where people can post their views on the subject. Some stat that the page is a hoax and others not sure what to think, not knowing to believe or not.  In the article there is a link that leads to the website of Disease control where a link to this website is listed. One interesting side note is that this article doesn’t state that it will happen it just state what to do if it does happen.  Even if the info is probable I feel that this site is real.

The Third site is of a RYT Hospital that claims to be to participate in the most innovative and extraordinary health care. Examples of such are of Geno choice and male pregnancy. The site look fancy and the layout is a bit confusing so it must be real right? Wrong, this website is more fake then George Washington’s teeth.  Just because it look nice does not mean that it is real, if you look a bit deeper you can find that the research they so rightfully did is not on their website, they are all links to someplace else, and after going to the about us I found that there is not enough information to support their claim as a real business, so to put it bluntly this website is a fake.

The Fourth is an interesting one, and one could say it is a doggy heaven. Dog Island Free Forever claims to take you dog that then send them to an island occupied only by other dogs and rabbits for food. If this seems right you and you think it is perfect for your dog, well it is all free, no money required. Perfect for those dogs who wish to roam, well I am sorry to say that it is too perfect to be real, it is yet another hoax. I gives you all this information and states that they have been interviewed, but when you try to follow the link it takes you to a news website’s homepage leaving no evidence of the interview, another website that doesn’t leave any backup for its claims.

Next one in line is our Fifth entry. This entry in this game of Fact or Crap is a Museum of Jurassic Technology.  This museum claims to have relics and artifacts that dates back to the lower Jurassic period, and hold events for the public, such as concerts and more. Some may say that it is fake, but in the museums information you can find an address and with a quick Google Map search, one can find that the museum is indeed a real place making the site a real website. A real website I never thought that I would see another one, let’s just hope we can find some more.

The second half of this list shall be in Wacky Websites part 2.


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