Wacky Websites Part 2

This is Part 2 of the list of wacky websites and we are half way done, and the websites just get more interesting from here.

We are now on the Sixth entry to this list. , the website for this entry is an article on a case of extreme hiccups that would not go away until the use of digital rectal massage. This article is one of the most random things I have ever read leaving the question it being real or not. Well there is an outgoing link but it just describes what a hiccup is, and the rest is just other articles. After some digging I found that the website is just part of a bigger website that deals with biotechnology. It also helps that the website is a .gov stating that it is in some way part of the government. If that isn’t prof enough I don’t know what is, and no I can say that even if the article was bazaar the website is real.

Next is the Seventh entry and this is an interesting one. For many years there has been debate of big foots existence and the existence of Sasquatch. Most people this that anyone who thinks that they are real are nothing but a bunch of quacks the buy in all the fake facts that people make up just to get attention. And god forbid there be a website dedicated to proving the existence of these creatures. But as the rules of the internet the website dose exist, and is known as the BFRO. Well the website may seem a bit on the odd side, it does have outsourcing links to back up there claims. Now are the claims real or fake? Well that is up to you, a lot of the website is testimonies from people but the try to back it up. So even if the website is a bit odd doesn’t mean it is fake.

Next is the Eighth entry which deals with a delicious breakfast item, the egg. The egg is a very important thing in which a life develops and grows. The Ova Prima feels that it is very important and in need of serious research and to find what came first the chicken or the egg.  They state that they have done intense research but I could not find anything to back up their claims. I have found a journal they spoke of, but no info on which they claim this is a common way to find out if they are real, or maybe I’m just blind, that is always up to speculation. Yet from my view point I declare this website as fake.

The Ninth entry is a nice little site that represents a beautiful building that has been in Scotland since the 1500’s. The Torchwood house is a wonderful place with an interesting history and astounding architecture. You can have your weddings here or just visit, the Torchwood house is welcome to all. You would think that this would be a nice place to visit right? Well the Torchwood house is located next to the Glen of Saint Catherin. No address or contact information, and all the info about the place was not in much detail. It would be nice if the Torchwood House would be real, but the website gives no true evidence on if what they say is real. So with not much else to say I claim this website fake, but if you don’t believe me there is even a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that tells you that the site is fake and that there is no such thing as the Torchwood house.

Finally we have reached the last one and there is no site that could have better ended this list. Dead Duck Day is an interesting day to say the least and a site commemorating it is even weirder. The holiday is based on a duck the dyed then soon raped by another male duck. One may ask why they would do this, and I have one simple answer, why not. The site might be a blog on wordpress.com, but they have outsourcing links, be it most of them are in another language. But there is a scientist that goes around talking about this duck changed his life, one of his speeches can be found on TED. Though the subject may seem strange there is enough data to back it up. So for the last site on this list I dub this as a real site.


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