The Harmful Reality


In today’s society we are bombarded by many different forms of media. From our smart phones, to our computers, tablets, and our televisions sets, we have a constant access to a massive collection of media, and within this massive collection there is the continuous feed of propaganda and influential imagery that can affect one’s better judgment, causing one to fall prey to its messages, if you are not careful I may even effect the way you act. One media type that can be brought to the stage that has caused the younger generation to act profoundly at such a young age is a genre of a T.V show, Reality Television. A research done by the Girl Scout organization, shown that in a survey of 1100 girls, there was a remarkable difference between in the girls from those who watched Reality TV and the girls who didn’t. The difference reflected on the girls personal views of self-appearance, their reactions with their peers, and their overall view of the way the world around them works. With shows such as the Jersey Shore, that glamorize drinking, violence, and sexual activity, and the way to success is through the act of lying, puts the idea in these girls heads that this is how one need to act to be loved, and because it is reality TV, that is how reality works. According to an article on the Fox News website “MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Season 5 averaged 5.8 million viewers, including one million ages 12-17.”


That means that one million teens are getting the perception that people like Snookie and the Situation are the way people should act on top of this  they believe that the situations and events that happen in the show are one hundred percent factual, causing them to act in such a way to imitate these so called role models. Jersey Shore is just the start of a long list of reality shows that portrays the same morals, such as Real Housewives of Beverly Hill, Following the Kardashian, and Bad Girl Club, each following a group of people that embodies the acts that were listed above, each reenacting the same event over and over. Yet it has been stated that this has all happened before in previous generations

In an article on the Daily Caller, there is a quote from a professor from the University of Virginia Paul A. Cantor, stated that “Any culture is coarse when you’re living in it,” Stating that popular culture is something that is generated by what the populous consumes. So by logic if one wants to stop this influential garbage, then one just has to make sure that they try to watch quality garbage, or monitor what your children are watching. So the change that needs to be acquired is one that is as easy as changing the channel.


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