Game Lab

With the start of the semester I thought that this class was going to be like all the others. Yet with the introduction of 3D Game Lab I have found that the class feeling more rewarding.  The idea of rewarding the student as they progress is a more productive way to structure the class instead of fear of being penalized for making a mistake or lacking knowledge. This website just comes to show that education is for the encouragement of learning and as I stated earlier, not to punish students for not knowing something. I found that the layout for the program simple and easy to comprehend and easy to access.  The badge system is a great inclusion to the overall theme making you feel that the more you do and the further you get into the course you are accomplishing something. The array of badges that the teacher can give is fulfilling leaving something for everyone. I believe that structure revolving around an MMO (Massive Multi-Player Online Game) makes the class more remittable, getting to choose what assignments you can do, letting you do the sections that you enjoy and spark you interest. The process of having experience points instead of regular point makes the experience more like a game having you rise further in the ranks gaining better grades instead of losing them. Now overall the site is amazing but occasionally the site will not want to load, it might just be my computer but it will continue to load never stopping.  Other time it seems that the actions are not responding having me leave and reenter the page.  All in all the site is a sever improvement on the education system, the way this site helps education reach a new generation keeps the students intrigued in the cours helping them learn.  


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